We actively support firms to become more productive.

In the age of more for less, professional service firms are challenged to continuously improve productivity to remain profitable.

We actively support firms to become more productive.

Our solutions support firms to retain talent, achieve business objectives, improve skills and knowledge and reduce risks and costs.

We partner with HR to successfully implement change and keep engaged with HR to continuously adapt our solutions to reflect the strategy and culture of the firm.

Our solutions work. They are proven in the professional services sector. We pair strong market knowledge with great design to create systems that balance the complex needs of firms while keeping things simple for busy professionals.

By partnering with us, HR takes its seat at the table, and communicates using evidence-based data and compelling visual analytics.

SkillsScorecard was founded in 2007 by Ray D’Cruz and Patrick Fitzgerald. Our clients are professional service firms, drawn from the legal, accounting, IP and consulting sectors. SkillsScorecard has offices in the UK and Australia.

Executive Briefing Paper

Performance Management in the Professions

If you’d like to receive a free copy of Performance Management in the Professions 2015 (October release) please contact us. This research, undertaken in collaboration with Managing Partners’ Forum and KermaPartmers, benchmarks current practice and future intentions.


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