Now is the time to focus

on people and productivity.

- Recognise and reward contribution

- Align and manage objectives

- Build a learning culture

Proven technology for professional services firms

PMQ – Quarterly

PMS – Standard

LMS– Learning Management

A performance management solution that provides for short, simple, quarterly check-ins. PMQ includes financial metrics/KPIs, rolling objectives, capabilities and career conversations.

Proven, simple, and easy to use, the PMS combines an annual process (covering metrics/KPIs, objectives, capabilities and career conversations) with an optional six month check-in.

A Learning Management System that enables the integrated management of classroom learning, e-learning and external programs; our LMS supports real-time CPD compliance tracking.

P365 – Ecosystem

PMP – Partner

AAR – After Action Review

A radical shift from the traditional approach; the P365 Performance Management Ecosystem has year-round objective management, real-time project feedback and periodic check-ins.

This solution is flexible enough to support the highly specialised field of Partner Performance Management; it covers contribution assessment and personal business planning.

An After Action Reviews tool with the dual aims of generating project or matter-based reviews for continuous improvement and gathering timely feedback on project team members.

SkillsScorecard solutions improve productivity.

We support firms to retain talent, achieve objectives, improve capabilities, reduce risks and save money. These outcomes improve productivity and profitability. Our technology is proven in the professional services sector. We pair strong market knowledge with great design to create systems that balance the complex needs of firms while keeping things simple for busy professionals.


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