Our learning solutions are an investment in productivity.

From classroom learning to e-learning to after action reviews,

we help build learning cultures.

LMS– Learning Management

Our LMS integrates classroom learning, practice group meetings, e-learning and external programs into a single solution, ensuring comprehensive CPD tracking and efficient administration. This solution provides the learner with all the tools take responsibility for their own learning and compliance, while giving L&D full oversight and access. This LMS is built for professional service firms: balancing the complex and diverse CPD requirements with a simple and enjoyable user experience.

Firm branding

E-learning (SCORM, TinCan)

External course approvals

CPD tracking

MS Outlook integration

Activity reporting

Accelerate productivity

Grow and retain talent

Streamline administration

Improve access (e-learning)

Support CPD compliance

Make data-led talent decisions


HR data upload facility

Single Sign On

Help desk

Privacy features

Enterprise security

AAR – After Action Review

Our AAR solution gathers feedback from project team members. We support firms to reflect on what worked, what didn’t work and specific insights that can be leveraged for process improvement and client development. This solution is at the heart of a firm’s productivity agenda; ensuring lessons are learned and applied to benefit future projects and clients.  This is a unique solution: only web-based AAR solution for professional services firms.

Firm branding

AAR discussion structure

Project leader-led process

Team member feedback

AAR Reporting

Prepare for AAR meetings

Identify efficiency gains

Improve quality, reduce risk

Gather client/industry intel

Gather real-time feedback


Single Sign On

HR data upload facility

Help desk

Enterprise security


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