Our performance solutions cater for every firm. Whether your

firm needs an evolution or revolution in performance management,

we have the right solution.

Our PMQ enables brief, quarterly performance discussions. Participants review financials and capabilities, update rolling business objectives and discuss career goals. This solution responds to the need for regular, honest conversations above all else. We make a quarterly approach realistic for busy professionals by keeping the PMQ short and simple.

Our P365 Performance Management Ecosystem is a year-round solution that perfectly balances three key elements: objective management (ongoing updates), project-based feedback (contemporaneous job-focussed feedback) and periodic check-ins (career and capability focussed conversations). This solution is for firms that want a radical shift; a new way of managing performance.

Our PMS is a periodic solution that enables reflection, assessment and planning. Our approach gets the balance right between inputs (capabilities, behaviours) and outputs (financials, objectives). The PMS can be deployed annually (with a six-monthly check-in option). This solution balances a simple user experience with rich analytics and reporting to support data-driven talent management decisions.

The PMP is the only bespoke partner solution on the market. This highly flexible solution incorporates financial metrics, capabilities, objectives and a personal business plan. Our approach supports partners to tell their contribution story while developing a personal business plan. We make the difficult and time-consuming role of managing partner performance and compensation easier and more efficient.

PMQ – Quarterly

P365 – Ecosystem

PMS – Standard

PMP – Partner

Firm branding

Financial data integration

Capabilities integration

Objective management

Real-time project feedback*

Contributor/360 feedback

HR analytics and reporting

Create ongoing accountability

Build a feedback culture

Update and track objectives

Reward contribution

Manage compensation

Save time and money

Data-driven talent decisions


HR data upload

Single Sign On

Help desk

Privacy features

Enterprise security

Iterative updates

* P365 only


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